The Maverik Fleet Card Program is a convenient and flexible way to monitor and control all of your vehicle related expenses. You decide the purchases to allow, and the exceptions you want reported. The result is a fueling program that empowers both you and your drivers.

Start Saving Time and Money

The Maverik Fleet Card Program provides volume-based discounts – so the more fuel you buy, the more you save! Tracking purchases online means you can stop wasting time hunting down paper receipts and reimbursing drivers. Plus you’ve got the tools you need to manage spending and cut your administrative costs.

Awesome Security and Tracking Tools

Entering Driver IDs and odometer readings when using the Maverik Fleet Card helps prevent unauthorized use – and lets you know who bought what, when and for how much. In fact, details like fuel grade, price per gallon, and sales tax for every transaction are included in our easy-to-read reports.

A Card for Every Fleet

The Maverik Private Label Fleet Card is used at Maverik locations only, providing guaranteed savings for customers who operate in the Maverik network. If your business takes you outside the Maverik Network, choose the Maverik Universal Fleet Card – it’s accepted at any Maverik location, PLUS over 95% of fueling stations.

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