• Maverik's Card Programs

    Maverik's got the perfect card to fit your lifestyle. Pay as you go and maximize your Adventure Club Rewards with the Black Debit Card™. Roll the Chrome Card™ to earn Adventure Club Rewards while paying however you please. Snatch the Maverik Adventure Club Credit Card to earn Adventure Club Rewards with the convenience of pay-later. The G-Card is the ultimate gift card — you can use it like cash. Only at Maverik– Adventure's First Stop.

  • Black-Front-red

    Nitro Debit Card

    Super-charge your Adventure Club Rewards with deeper fuel discounts and more points.

    Instant 6¢ Fuel Discount
    Every gallon, every day.

    2x Your Points
    Earn Trail Points twice as fast!

    Competitive Price Match
    Automatically lower the fuel pump price by 6¢ per gallon or to match the pump price of any qualified local competitor — whichever saves you more!

    Add Cardholders
    Add secondary cardholders to your Black Debit Card. Our system lets you…
    • Set spending limits for each card
    • Get spending alerts
    • Save money
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  • Chrome-Front-red

    Adventure Club Card

    Instant 2¢ Fuel Discount
    Every gallon, every day.

    Punch it!
    Earn freebies without the hassle of keeping track of paper punch cards. We automatically track all your virtual punch cards so you don’t have to.

    Collect Trail Points
    You’ve got Trail Points – spend ‘em to Win Stuff, Buy Stuff, and Give Stuff at maverik.com or through the Maverik app.

    Earn Trail Points & Spend ‘Em!
    You’ve got Trail Points – so spend ‘em here or through the Maverik app to Win Stuff, Buy Stuff, and Give Stuff.

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  • fleet_card

    Fleet Card

    Improve your bottom line with Maverik’s fleet card program! Our website lets you manage your fleet accounts on a daily basis.

    If you would like to apply for a Maverik Fleet Card, click here.

    The program features…
    • Great savings potential
    • Volume-based discounts
    • Robust fraud-prevention tools
    • Effective and efficient reporting tools
    • Full customization to match your needs
    • Spending limits and purchasing options
    • Real-time fleet management and quick card delivery
    • No sign-up fees!

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  • gcard


    Unleash the power of the ultimate gift card! Use your Maverik G-Card to purchase fuel, BonFire™ fresh food, drinks, snacks, and other fine products at Maverik!

    G-Cards are not valid on lottery tickets, money orders, gift cards or Maverik credit card payments.

  • adventure_credit_card

    Adventure Club Credit Card

    All the great benefits of the Adventure Club Card combined with the convenience of credit. Charge it up now and pay it off later while you earn points, punches and other Adventure Club Rewards. You can pay your bills and check your spending with our easy-to-use interface.

    If you would like to apply for an Adventure Club Credit Card, click here.
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  • Legacy Adventure Club Card

    Adventure Club

    You can still manage your Adventure Club Card account here. Remember to grab a new Chrome Card or Black Debit Card and transfer your old points over. Support for the Legacy Adventure Club will end April 30th, 2013.
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